Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here HE is!!!

Well, we went on Monday for our ultrasound and we found out...this little one flipping around in my belly is a BOY!!!  For those of you who have talked to me about this before today, mark your calendars...I was totally wrong!  The ultrasound tech showed us all of his little body and said he is exactly where he should be developmentally.  They even moved my due date up a day, so now it is December 19.  I guess we know what we are doing for Christmas, huh?

We are over the moon excited about all of this and guess it's time to go shopping!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life...5 Years Later!

It's hard to believe, but on June 23rd it will have been FIVE years since I was able to marry by wonderful hubby, Steven.

We have come so far!  In the last five years we have adopted two dogs, bought a house, Steve graduated from LCCC, and now we are expecting our first baby in December.  Whew!  I am excited to see where we are in the next five years!

Thanks to all of you for the love and support as we worked out the "growing pains" in the beginning and got to where we are today.  We wouldn't have gotten through any of it without the foundation we each had coming in.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer is Ending...Now on to FALL!

This summer has been a whirlwind for this set of Hejnas!  As we head into Fall, we are so excited to kick back and enjoy friends and family.

We are still playing volleyball every Friday night with friends in New Town, St. Charles, but for the rest of you family and friends that we don't see on a regular basis let's change that!  I'd like to make it up to Pere Marquette State Park at least a time or two to go hiking.  Is anyone interested in joining me?

In case you have forgotten, I work every other weekend so if I'm working one weekend the next one I'm off.  It's really not that hard to figure out, but people seem to have one heck of a time understanding that.

We love you all and we are sorry if we don't see you as often as we should.  Give us a call if you have something going on.  If we are available (even across the river) we will come!

Monday, June 20, 2011


It's hard to believe it has be SIX months since we last posted anything!  We are still fairly boring.  Below are some pictures of what has been happening the last six months.  Enjoy!

We participated in "Aunt Laurie's Fun Day" with the Sifrigs and actually got to take the kiddos too!

We celebrated New Year's by going out to eat and then hanging at our house

We started a monthly dinner club with some great friends

In February, we took a trip to go skiing in Lake Geneva, WI.  I conquered my fear of snow skiing and we got to visit with my cousins, the Mastersons.  That is Casey being a ham in the right photo

The Junior League Gala was Masquerade Themed - Of COURSE we had masks too!

We added another furbaby to our family...Meet Roxy (on the right)

We celebrated Mother's Day with all our mothers (Me with my mom and bro here)

Our nephew, Patrick, graduated from 4 year old preschool!

 And most recently we took a trip to Ft. Myers Beach, FL...To be in the Steins' Wedding!

I often say we are boring...and on a daily basis we are.  But, we have had some fun during the first 6 months of 2011.  On Thursday we will celebrate four years of being married.  Four years in and I am still super happy to call Steve my husband.  We are having so much fun writing our book of life together and   thank God every day that each of you are a part of it.  Thank you so much for everything you have done to be a part of our lives.  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

These are the moments...

...That make my job worth it all.  Today was Shop With a Cop 2010 at Target.

Here are all the officers and some of the kids before we started

At 8:00 this morning, the officers of the Alton Police Department took approximately 50 kids shopping and gave each of them $100 to buy gifts for their families and themselves for the holidays.

Sam with one of his shoppers

Each of the three kids with whom I went shopping were great.  One of them even remembered me being nice to her one day at work.  To be honest, I did not remember her at all, but she was very excited to have me as the officer with whom she went shopping.  When that happens it really makes you realize that the smallest interaction with an officer can really shape how they feel about them for life.  Here she is below.

This is Nichelle Sumpter (yes, Nichelle.  She really gets upset if you call her Michelle)
Nichelle bought something for everyone on her list and STILL got a bike and new helmet for herself.  She even gave me a hug at the end of it all...MADE MY DAY!

This is Breanne Lee.  Breanne was the best shopper of the bunch.  The girl got SO many things for everyone on her list.  It was a lot of fun.  

My first shopper was Jeffery.  He was so cute, but sadly I didn't get a picture with him.  Jeffery was very humble and almost didn't get himself anything.  But, when I told him he had enough money to do so his eyes definitely lit up!

It was great.  I know, I already said that a couple of times, but I mean it.  Every year it is nice to get to do something for these kids.  I worked last night and seriously need to go to bed, but I just HAD to write about the experience for everyone else before I put my head on the pillow.  'Cause once I do, I am pretty sure I will be down for the count.

I love you all and as you are going through this holiday season I really hope you will remember what it is all about.  If you are not Christians, you will still be celebrating this season whatever you believe.  Enjoy it,  Love the people you are with, and do something nice for someone else.  It ends up being selfish because you have no idea how great it will make you feel.  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Much To Be Thankful For!

Well, I have been thinking about this topic a lot over the last few days due to the recently past holiday. I was going to spare you all my rantings, but I feel it is important to occasionally declare to others the things for which we are all thankful. Here are a list of the Top 10 things I give thanks for each day (and some less than I should) in no particular order.

1. My hubby - Steve is an incredible guy and while it is SO much easier to focus on the things he doesn't/didn't do, he does SO much for me every day. I really appreciate the impact he has had on my life even in ways I never expected or wanted.

2. My mom and dad - My parents are two of the most amazing people I know. While both of them work far too much, they are never too busy to take my call or stop by just to check in and see if everything is okay. I love that even though I don't see them that often I always know they are only a phone call away.

3. Being an Aunt - Patrick and Eva keep me on my toes and keep a smile on my face. And new this month is Miss Addy. I can't wait to see the impact she has on the world too!

4. My Health - As most of you know this past year has been filled with trials and tribulations with my back. I have been back at work since April and I am loving every minute of it...okay, maybe not EVERY minute, but I am super excited to be able to continue as a police officer.

5. My friends - I am sometimes a terrible friend and don't keep up on people as well as I should, but just like my parents, my true friends are only a phone call away. I love you guys!

6. Babies - We have had so many new and adorable additions to our lives in the last year or two. Our family and friends are all growing and we are SO excited about it.

7. My In-Laws - How many people can say that?! I love both sets of my in-laws. Even when I get frustrated by being told I'm a crazy liberal or what we SHOULD be doing with our money, I know my in-laws have our best interest at heart. It does get tiring being told we are wrong, but Steve endures it from my parents too. I can only imagine some day we will be doing the same to our kids and their spouses.

8. Toby - Dogs really do bring you a bit more happiness. Toby can sense when something is up with me. I love it. He just puts his head on my lap and gives me a look like "It's okay mom. I'm here for ya." It's too great.

9. Our Siblings - Yes, all 52 of them. Not really 52, but Sam, Kate, Kyle, Kacy, Matt, Kathleen, Danielle, Andy, Natalie, Shannon, Kathryn and Allie are all so much fun. We truly are blessed to have so many different and wonderful siblings in our lives. Oh and while Mike isn't official, he's one of the sibs too.

10. Our Grandparents - Both living and dead, our grandparents have had a tremendous impact on our lives. For those of you gone, we think of and miss you every day. For those of you still with us, I am sorry we don't call or write as often as we should. We love you even though life interferes. Please take care and don't give up on us. We will try to do better in this next year.

So those are just a few things for which I am grateful. I thought about naming each individual and saying something nice, but I figured it would be ridiculously long and no one would read it. I love each and every one of you who read this and I hope it finds you well and being thankful for all the blessings in your lives.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Recap

I realize the last time I posted was when Steve graduated. Steve and I were very busy all summer, but nothing happened that was monumental enough in and of itself to constitute a post at the time. So now that we are embarking on Fall, here is our Summer Recap:

We attended our friend's wedding - Congrats Garneys!

We helped my Gram move out of her house into the Methodist Village. I told Steve I was jealous. That place is SO nice!

On the 23rd of June Steve and I celebrated three years of being married. It hasn't always been the easiest, but we think we have things mostly figured out finally.

We went to my 10 Year High School Reunion
(Me with Andrea and Kelsey)

The day after my reunion we left and spent a week in the Ozarks at Grandma Jo's condo. It was a LOVELY week. We had three different couples that joined us mid-week and stayed until the end. One day we rented a boat. Another day all the girls went to the spa while the boys went golfing. The rest of the time we just relaxed and shopped.

This is me with Landon - My cousin Megan Riley's youngest son

My cousin Jaime and her husband, Rob, had their second child, William, this summer. About a week later her brother, Alex, and his wife, Megan, had their first child, Henry. Then in August the little bundle I'm holding above was born to their sister, Megan, and her husband, Justin. Three boys born to my three Bennett cousins. CRAZINESS! Now, my cousin Michael and his wife, Teri, are pregnant. You have no idea the questions that are flying our way now.

We hung out with Patrick and Eva as often as possible

Steve's mom, Laurie, bought us season passes to Raging Rivers Waterpark and my mom bought Sam, Kate and the kids one too so we went every chance we got.

I remember hearing my parents claim that the older you get the faster time goes and as I was in my teen years I thought they were crazy (as most teenagers do) but as I get older I completely understand what they were saying. I feel like we blinked and Summer was over.

And now as we head into Fall this pic, while not our best, is AS recent as it gets...

Rams Home Opener 09/12/2010